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Guild Message of the Day - February 26th

TheBlackCompany News

By: Brutualize - March 21st

Trollin' Tuesday

I'll be hosting a fun event on tuesdays at 9 pm for anyone who wants to participate. Talk to me for more information.


By: Brutualize - March 18th

Madness Kill

Congrats to TBC!

  • Brutualize: FULL clear in ONE night, 4 hours! nicely done guys.
By: Brutualize - February 23rd

Morchok & Kohcrom

We will split two groups, each group worries about their own twin.

Strategy One

Everyone needs to stack on the red ball with the tank nearby. Everyone needs to wait and help soak the stomp then proceed to stack on the red ball (except the tank, s/he needs to kite the boss near to the red ball though-approx 15 yards so that people have time to stack up after the stomp). The time between the stomp and the red ball exploding is 12 seconds.

Strategy Two

A soaker will be assigned to each tank for the stomps. the other three stack up on the red balls normally.

Black Blood Phase

During Black Blood phase, we meet up in the center (the path leading to the temple).

By: Brutualize - February 23rd

Hard Modes

Hard Modes are coming up soon; start researching on what's different from normal mode.

By: Brutualize - February 21st


     I am extremely proud of you guys. With your continued efforts to show on time, your patience with multiple wipes, patience with the officer drama, excellent communication to let us know that you won't be showing, willingness to sit out to let another in, this truly proves that this is a GREAT raid team in the making. There are more things to be done, I admit that. Nothing beats your excellence in the above areas. At this rate, we will be clearing hard modes and be prepared to spearhead progression into MoP raids!


     Speaking of MoP, some players find it enjoyable to quit and find/form a new team patch by patch, or expansion by expansion. I hope nobody here wants to find a new home for 5.0 however if you have a gist that you'd like to migrate, or have something upcoming in the next several months, such as moving, travel, etc. Please do let us know in advance and we can arrange around it.


     We will be introducing a new warlock into the raid possibly this Thursday seeing that we had to fill in dps spots for the previous two weeks.


     Remember, there are Essences of Destruction building up dust in the GBank! Collect half of your BiS mats and the GBank will match it! Remember, it is your responsibility to find yourself a crafter and tip her/him yourself as well.


    To close this post, please do feel free to share anything with us, whether you don't like something/someone, feel that something is not fair, want to re-roll toons, have a special request, whatever. DO SHARE!


By: Brutualize - February 11th

Madness? This is Sparta!

Research on the fight guys. It's a faceroll fight except that you must know when and which cooldowns to use. It's a cooldown management fight.

  • Brutualize: We cleared all platforms! great job guys. remember those: 1.singletarget blisterings on last two platforms, stack up on the big DW's claw when the bolt comes on the last platform, and then use dream when you get shrapnel'd
By: Brutualize - February 6th

Spine is Down!

congrats to TheBlackCompany for achieving 7/8.

  • Papilionidae: WOOT!!!!!!!!!
  • Brutualize: Our own cheerleader! We all miss you.
By: Brutualize - February 4th

Two Things

BlackFuckingHorn IS DOWN!

Now, I'm still dissatisfied with the logo. i will continue to work with it. drop comments on how it looks on your computer.

  • Njangu: Congrat on the Blackfuckinghorn!
  • Njangu: I like how the font looks. keep up the good work!
  • Brutualize: i changed the background to black, i like it now.
  • Brutualize: step up and say anything to me if you dont like somethin. As of now it's final.
  • Brutualize: Allrighty. I'm satisfied. all it needed was a background change.
By: Brutualize - January 23rd

Reward for 500 hits!

I've decided we deserve a reward for 500 hits! A revamped logo. I've posted handmade ideas (see above) they all were quick and easy. YOU input your ideas or what you like. discuss here as a group on what we want the logo to look/reflect us as a guild.

  • Brutualize: the samples were made roughly, i wont give you a final product looking this crappy.
  • Brutualize: maybe something related to an ancient/dead tree, which is on our crest, or some relevancy to Deathwing/Ragnaros. Perhaps a simple portrait of thron with his secret tattoo of " I <3 TBC" on his ass, i like the phoenix one but not sure if that reflects us at all.
  • Brutualize: Yall have til Feb before i start finalizing. i will aim to have 3 choices at least.
  • Seikø: I'm not a fan of the phoenix one as it doesn't seem to represent us, altough I'd go over something like the guild crest indeed... And whatever you do please send me the picture (including photoshop file)
  • Njangu: i agree, with the use of Guild crest. agree with the phoenix, does not rep the Guild as total. i like the black one... one that hows mirror's refelect. maybe a light tone background of DS/FL instance.
  • Seikø: I disapprouve of the use of any content relation to previous tier as it tie us to it, and we don't want to be tied to a previous tier :P.. But Njan is right the red logo the check/V one is really nice... if we had to choice a logo that isn't in link with guild crest I'd go for that all the way
  • Brutualize: i agree with avoiding tying ourselves to old content.
  • Brutualize: Now what about the type? by this i mean three types. 1. "TheBlackCompany" with an abstract icon nearby. 2. less on the words, more on the pictures- such as "TBC" engraved in a shield for example. 3. (probably the most favored and hardest to create) purely iconal, nothing that says Theblackcompany nor TBC, purely a picture capable of telling it's meaning.
  • Seikø: I'd go for a picture that is in link with current guild crest, not really excatly the same as in game crest are limited but definetly no words on it, I'd rather attach a second folder for the guild name afterward so we can use them separatly (thinking about use for videos there)
  • Seikø: I must add that I'm an uber noob when it comes to photoshop and video editing, but i'll learn how to make beautifull stuff as I hate unpolished and unfinished works
  • Brutualize: Added a new one that I re-drew using the crest as a template I decided to re-draw it because the crest was very pixely. Any suggestions?
  • Njangu: is there a way to use a more... realistic tree instead of cartoonish.
  • Brutualize: oh wow hmm i never thought it was cartoonish lol. i will look into it. i thought that the tree looked realistic but i'll try it out. im afraid any more " realistic" as in more branches may make it look like a scramble of black/white pixels
  • Brutualize: yeah.. not alot of "better" oak trees. sorry njan
  • Njangu: no worries. as long you try. :-)
By: Brutualize - January 18th

Not just for planning stuff.

The website won't bite! Feel free to post anything you want. Jokes, links, pictures, ideas, problems, you enjoy reading material posted on the website. I admit I don't really have a 'plan' for the website. I just set it up so that the guild could have a place to mingle. I'm afraid that yall are getting bored seeing only my posts. Come on and start your own posts, put something up for someone to read when they check the website. Think; post something cool or interesting and then we each will have a number of posts that we didnt post, that leads to new ideas, new category. Throndor posted a picture of his dog so I got that idea, opened up a new folder in the picture gallery, and then decided to add a gaming set up folder as well. That's the growth of the website in action. Don't be afraid! Discover hidden common interest amongst us.

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